You may request a withdrawal of funds from your Account at any time provided that:

In the event that you change your credit card information, we reserve the right to suspend withdrawals for 28 days. This is a measure to prevent fraudulent activities and money laundering.

My4 reserves the right to make a charge to a user’s Account or reduce the value of the transaction to cover all reasonable costs associated with both deposits and withdrawals.

We are required to inform users about what will happen to deposited funds in the event of insolvency. Monies deposited in your Account will be held in a bank account and/or escrow account which will be kept separate from our company funds and will be protected in the event of insolvency. You can read more about the measures that we are required to undertake to ensure that your funds will be protected in the event of insolvency here.

If legally required by your jurisdiction, you are responsible for reporting your winnings and losses to tax and/or other authorities in your jurisdiction.

If your Account remains dormant after 30 days following My4’s first attempt to notify you that your Account has become dormant, My4 shall deduct a monthly Dormant Account Fee from your account balance of £5 or 5% of your current Account balance (whichever is greater).

The Dormant Account Fee shall be deducted from your Account balance every 30 days thereafter at the same rate until: (i) your Account balance reaches zero; or (ii) you log in to your Account.

My4 reserves the right to change and amend the Game Rules at all times, with or without notice. We shall not be liable to any losses or damages related to such changes of the Game Rules.

If, upon having spoken to a representative of the Customer Support Team, the dispute has not been resolved, you may request that the complaint is escalated to a manager or supervisor at My4. A manager/supervisor at My4 will then investigate your query in more detail and we will endeavour to provide a resolution within 48 hours.

If you are still not satisfied with the resolution offered by My4 and your complaint is a gambling dispute, you will be entitled to refer the dispute to the ADR Group, whose decision My4 agrees to be bound by. ADR Group provides a free-of-charge service and rules on complaints about betting and gaming transactions; but it does not deal with service related problems. ADR Group can be contacted via their website which can be found here.
Any dispute that cannot be resolved by the above measures and is eligible for trial, will be settled by courts in Denmark.