If we have reasons to suspect that you are not the rightful owner of the payment method used to deposit funds and/or monies used to participate in Money Challenges, we reserve the right to treat any deposit as invalid and suspend or terminate your Account.

You can only participate in Money Challenges with the funds deposited to your Account. Methods for deposits currently available are VISA and Mastercard. The minimum deposit amount is £5, 50DKK or 50SEK (depending on which is your local currency). The maximum amount you can deposit to your Account is £100, 1000DKK or 1000SEK (depending on which is your local currency). If your Account balance exceeds the maximum deposit amount, you will not be able to make further deposits. Funds deposited to your Account will not attract interest.

By depositing funds into your Account, you direct us and we agree to hold them in cooperation with our payment provider, along with any winnings, for the sole purpose of using them to participate in Money Challenges. We shall be entitled to suspend or terminate your Account if we have reason to believe that you are depositing funds with other intentions. In such cases, we may also report this to relevant authorities.

You may request a withdrawal of funds from your Account at any time provided that:

In the event that you change your credit card information, we reserve the right to suspend withdrawals for 28 days. This is a measure to prevent fraudulent activities and money laundering.

My4 reserves the right to make a charge to a user’s Account or reduce the value of the transaction to cover all reasonable costs associated with both deposits and withdrawals.

We are required to inform users about what will happen to deposited funds in the event of insolvency. Monies deposited in your Account will be held in a bank account and/or escrow account which will be kept separate from our company funds and will be protected in the event of insolvency.

If legally required by your jurisdiction, you are responsible for reporting your winnings and losses to tax and/or other authorities in your jurisdiction.

If your Account remains dormant after 30 days following My4’s first attempt to notify you that your Account has become dormant, My4 shall deduct a monthly Dormant Account Fee from your account balance of £5 or 5% of your current Account balance (whichever is greater).

The Dormant Account Fee shall be deducted from your Account balance every 30 days thereafter at the same rate until: (i) your Account balance reaches zero; or (ii) you log in to your Account.



My4 reserves the right to change and amend the Game Rules at all times, with or without notice. We shall not be liable to any losses or damages related to such changes of the Game Rules.